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Zithromax is a macrolide antibiotics subclass drug which is the most actively used drug and also the most sold antibiotic in the world. Also known by the name Azithromycin it is a derivation of erythromycin along with a nitrogen atom incorporated into a lactone ring which is in addition substituted by methyl. Patients can easily buy Zithromax from any of the medical stores and pharmacies as it is widely used antibiotics. There are other ways to buy this drug as well like patients can also buy Zithromax online. Being a totally legal drug it is available in all parts of world. There are many uses of this antibiotic as detailed below.

Drug Name:Zithromax (Azithromycin)
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Uses of Zithromax

This drug is majorly used in the treatment of most of the bacterial infections caused in the inner body parts. It is used for the cure of middle ear infections, typhoid, strep throat, bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. The applicability of this antibiotic for so many infections is what makes it so much popular with the medical professionals. There are all kinds of developments going to make the use of this drug more extensive. Some of these are the use of this antibiotic in the treatment of infants to make them free of bacterial infections.

Some of the infant patients who have highly weaker immune systems are also treated using this antibiotic. Also this antibiotic is also helpful in treatment of minor sexually transmitted diseases or STDs like chlamydia, cervicitis and nongonococcal urethritis.

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The dosage and intake of Zithromax

It is mandatory for every patient to take the antibiotic only in the prescribed amount only. Any kind of manipulation in the prescribed dosage of the drug is strongly prohibited. The dosage of the drug is decided on the basis of the age and the severity of the infection conditions.

The oral suspension of Zithromax should be taken normally in about 60 ml of water. You should always used the whole packet suspension and never ever keep it for use afterwards. The drug can be with or without food as per your convenience. There are many other uses of this antibiotic as well and it depends on your doctor how he/she recommends if for you.

It is really safe and easy to use this drug and you can always count on this anti biotic for all your bacterial infections troubles. But as true for any other drug you should use this drug as advised.

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